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Interel, the global public affairs consultancy, today announced that Washington DC based firm AMG, has joined its Group. Together both companies will generate €25 million (EUR) ($27 million (USD)) in annual revenues and employ more than 200 consultants, staff and advisors. Adding to its own offices and partner firms...


The reality of pitching for new business is that any pitch that is all performance and no preparation will uniformly fail. To conduct a successful business pitch, meticulous and strategic research is just as, if not more, important than the content of the presentation itself and the way that it is delivered.

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In my last post, I discussed why it is occasionally beneficial to turn down opportunities to pitch for new clients.

If you recall, I looked at the need for growing agencies to become more selective over which contracts they bid for, so that they can properly prioritise time resources to those deals that are likely to reap the greatest rewards.

If you need to catch up on just how to make that decision, go ahead and read Should you say ‘no’ next time you are invited to pitch?

The Risky But Rewarding Challenge of Letting Employees Fail

In Business, failure is not an option!

Unless of course you want to lead an innovative team who push the boundaries of what is
possible and continually look for ways to increase the efficiency of your company or grow your

If you want a team focused on continual change and growth, you need to allow them to fail. In
our role as business leaders we need to provide the foundational elements teams needs to let
them fail thoughtfully, not recklessly.


A recent survey by The Public Relations Society of America shows that less than 10 per
cent of those working in the North American public relations consultancy business are black or
Hispanic despite the fact that those two groups make up 30 per cent of the US population, with
that figure destined to reach 50 per cent at some point in the future.

The lack of diversity in the US PR industry is mirrored in many other leading markets such
as the UK, and was one of the topics discussed in a panel I chaired recently at The Independent
Agencies Day as part of the 2014 Global PR Summit on the topic of Managing and Retaining

How can we be truly effective and represent our clients’ interests, never mind society’s, if
this situation continues?