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The reality of pitching for new business is that any pitch that is all performance and no preparation will uniformly fail. To conduct a successful business pitch, meticulous and strategic research is just as, if not more, important than the content of the presentation itself and the way that it is delivered.

ROI or Return on investment

I listened to an interesting discussion by senior communications directors at this year’s European
Circle of Communicators held in Rome –

In advance of the event participants had taken part in extensive research about trends in
communications, discussed whether PR was ‘dead’ and debated how effective we are as an industry
at supporting the needs of our organisations and clients.

What next

It is no secret that social media has turned the role of the communicator on its head. Just as the iPod did with consumers, or cloud computing has done in business technology, the emergence of Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have had a disruptive influence on the communications world.

But while a lot has been made of the role that social media plays in the communicator’s daily routine – and rightly so- there are other factors at play that will have a significant influence on how communications professionals will operate in the future.


I was recently interviewed for an article in The Sunday Times’ Appointment section, advising on how to acquire the skills required to swap a full-time role for a non-executive portfolio.

In a feature which explores why younger executives are now looking to follow this career path, I also talk about how I built towards becoming a non-executive director, and the experience and training required to take on such a role.

Euro flag

I am delighted to announce that I will again be on the Steering Committee for the Circle of European Communicators event in Rome this September.

Each year, leading corporate communications figures from across Europe gather to ‘talk about everything but communications’. Instead, the event aims to cover subjects ranging from politics, media and the economy to art and education, allowing attendees to explore ideas that reach beyond the scope of their daily work.


With companies facing continuous reputational risks in today’s hyper-connected world, having marketing and communications experience on the board should be a no brainer. But while modern boards are hugely inclusive in terms of gender and ethnicity, we often do not see such variety in the skillsets.