When I Get Involved


Advisory Roles

I have a comprehensive portfolio of non-executive and advisory roles in organisations of all sizes which have big ambitions, are experiencing rapid change, need to respond to particular market challenges or are considering international or sector expansion. I can also provide advisory support on a project or interim basis.

Performance & Growth

Improving performance and maximising growth are the biggest challenges facing companies in today’s rapidly changing environment. I work with clients to unlock an organisation’s true potential by identifying the issues which are preventing maximum performance. I work with my clients to develop practical steps for improvement, and then support their implementation as required, mentoring senior managers and supporting them as needed.

Whilst most of my work is in the PR, communications, and marketing sector – for agencies, consultancies, and clients – I also work in a range of other sectors.

My services include:

Growth strategies and business planning

Financial performance audits & profit improvement programmes

Shareholder and senior management mentoring

Management conflict resolution

Service innovation

Expansion strategies

Marketing and new business planning & systems

Client retention and growth plans

Talent recruitment, retention and development

Succession & Exit Planning

Preparing for sale

Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition, I work for companies who require advice on structuring their in-house communications functions, identifying and selected agencies and managing procurement negotiations.